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Your business meeting equipment checklist - what to ask the meeting space for

Having the right equipment is crucial for holding a successful and productive business meeting. While it can be stressful trying to figure out what you need, quality meeting spaces like the Oasis Conference Center have the essentials available for your use. Before you hold your meeting, don’t forget to ask for these six things. Projector and Screen A projector and screen is an absolute must for any business meeting. Large or small, this setup will allow you to present a variety of media and create an engaging work atmosphere. A smart screen TV can also be useful for multimedia presentations, as they facilitate greater interaction between speaker and audience. Microphones Whether you choose handheld or lapel, microphones are an essential tool for presenting to larger crowds. It is also a good idea to request a channel mixer, which will allow you to use multiple microphones at once— this is helpful for panel style conferences and presentations with several collaborators. Power Strip/Extension Cord With all that goes on during a business meeting, you’re likely going to need to plug in several devices. A power strip or an extension cord gives you more outlet availability and greater freedom of movement with your devices. Conference phone A conference phone, such as a Polycom, allows multiple meeting rooms to communicate at the same time. This is a great idea for idea cohesion and effective communication throughout your meeting. You can also request access to multiple phone lines if you’re planning on making several calls throughout the day. Podium with/without a wired microphone A podium is another essential tool for effective idea presentation— it gives the speaker a place from which to present as well as a surface to place materials on while they speak. Depending on your needs, you can also request a podium with sound equipment included, eliminating the need for accessory microphones. Flip Charts and Whiteboards In a business meeting, flip charts and whiteboards are an excellent method to organize thoughts and illustrate ideas. These are a great way to present concepts in a clear and logical manner, helping to streamline communication.

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