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6 Wedding Photography Ideas

Taking stunning photos is the best way to ensure the memory of a wedding lasts a lifetime. With so many beautiful little moments to capture, however, what shots should you focus on? Here are 5 photo ideas that will capture the most important aspects of your wedding.

1. Bride and Groom getting ready

bridal suite

The process of getting ready before the wedding can be just as exciting as the wedding itself. For the groom, try to capture him adjusting his tie, or a groomsman helping him put on his jacket. For the bride, a shot of her getting her makeup and hair done is a must. Oasis Event Center’s bridal suite is the perfect backdrop for these classic wedding photos.

2. Ceremony and reception. Create special photo zones

wedding setting

Considering the months of planning that goes into the ceremony and reception, it would be a shame not to have a picture of these spaces before they are overrun with people. Try to capture the energy and decor that makes the event venue unique. Make a special photo zones for your wedding guests as well, they will love posting those photos!

When working with a wedding venue in New Jersey, try to capture the unique details outdoors as well.

3.Romatic Photos at Historical Sites

With a wedding at Oasis Event Center, you can also capture sweet moments between the happy couple around scenic historical sites and parks in Union County, New Jersey.

4.The Areal Photo of the First Dance at the beautiful ballroom

Your first dance on this special day will, of course, be memorable and will only last longer by capturing it in a photo. An aerial photo would create an interesting look and capture more details - the beautiful banquet hall, bride’s beautiful dress, the wedding guests and the entire setup.

5.Couple's Grand Entrance

Wedding ceremony in Sprienfrield. Grand Entrance

The Bride and Groom Entrance at Oasis Event Center provides the perfect background for this type of shot. There is no joy quite like that of newlyweds, so a photo of the bride and groom entering the reception after the ceremony is an absolute must.

6.Detail Shots

Wedding Decorations for your New Jersey Wedding

Even the most minute details of a wedding are carefully planned, so they should not go unnoticed. Try to take as many detail shots as possible, from the food at the banquet hall to the delicate flower arrangements to the color coordinated napkins. At a contemporary event venue like Oasis Event Center, you’re sure to find many details like this and more!

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