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7 ideas to keep your wedding budget under control

Half the stress of wedding planning comes from the bill. It certainly can cost quite a bit of money to plan your perfect day, but there are many ways you can cut back on spending. Here are a few ways to make sure your wedding doesn’t break the bank.

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Keep the guest list short While it’s tempting to invite everyone you’ve ever known, each additional guests (and plus one) raises the cost a bit more. Try to narrow down the guest list to the most important people-- parents, grandparents, siblings, closest friends, etc.-- for both the bride and the groom, then send out additional invitations if your budget allows for it. Skip the wedding planner Yes, hiring a wedding planner will reduce stress, however it will increase the overall cost of your wedding by a few thousand dollars. If you’re unable to take on the entire project as a couple, compromise by working with a consultant or a day-of coordinator who will provide you with invaluable services for a fraction of the cost. At Oasis Event venue we have a designated specialist who would help to handle all the questions regarding the venue. Go minimal with the flowers Well crafted, minimalist flower arrangements can be just as beautiful as over-the-top spreads, yet cost you half the price. Simpler compositions will help to create a more contemporary wedding space as well, so don’t hesitate to go for monochromatic. Work closely with your venue Some wedding venues, such as Oasis Event Center in Springfield, NJ, work closely with vendors and designers and can get you exclusive contacts. Collaborating with your venue is one of the best ways to ensure you’ll get both good deals and quality service.

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Make your own invitations

All you need to make your own invitations is a printer, some nice paper, and a little bit of creativity. Not only will skipping the designer save you money, it will also give your invitations a little extra personality. Be your own DJ Renting sound equipment is generally a good idea, but you don’t always have to hire a DJ. Make your own playlist of songs, upload it to an iPod or MP3 player, and plug it right into your speakers. You can even ask your invitees to RSVP with their favorite song and build a unique and personal playlist that is specific to your wedding.

Pay Attention Perhaps the most important part of keeping your budget under control is tracking every single expense, even the seemingly insignificant ones. Keep track of how much you’re spending every step of the way and know where you can cut back if the price gets too high. Remember that every dollar counts, so spend wisely!

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