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Gender Reveal Parties - The New Wave

Gender reveal parties are the new competition for baby showers. For those of you unfamiliar with the term; it is a celebration in which not only the parents-to-be, but family and friends, all discover the sex of the baby at the same moment.

Typically thrown in the mother’s second trimester, these parties are hosted by the person(s) who factually know the baby’s gender. Though they can replace a traditional baby shower, known as the “gift-giving ceremony”, it is viewed as a completely separate event. While parents will typically only have one baby shower for their first, they’re able to celebrate each baby with their friends and family by hosting a gender reveal party. So, what is the difference between a baby shower and a gender reveal party?

Baby showers cater to the needs of the child. Therefore, gifts are given due to the necessities of any infant. Additionally, typically parents only host one major baby shower (although the idea of a “baby sprinkle” is starting to catch on). On the other hand, gender reveal parties are specifically focused on supporting and congratulating the parents-to-be. It allows the attendees to feel like they are a part of the pregnancy journey by being with the parents at one of the most intimate moments of the pregnancy. Typically the reveal itself is done using the trope of pink to represent girls and blue for the boys. Other than the obvious piñata (filled with pink or blue candy) and cakes (with pink or blue cake mix), there are endless alternatives to use, including bowties, tutus and even spraying silly-string in the air.

When did this become the new wave (paving the way for others to follow)? It was in July of 2008, that a blogger was first to post her reveal party. Taking a few years to be defined and have a name for itself; gender reveal parties began to become more popular, thanks to social media platforms in 2011. By 2017 the popularity continued to increase, and that’s when the idea began to spread like wildfire.

How will you celebrate your (or your friends) gender reveal party? Tell us below or reach out and start planning yours today!

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