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6 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Your wedding day is certainly one of the most memorable days of your life, but how can you be sure it’s memorable for your guess as well? With an a unique wedding favor, of course! These fun and creative favors are sure to bring joy to your guests for years to come. Whatever you decide, we at Oasis Event Center are here to help you plan the perfect day.

Vegetable or Flower Seeds

Wedding Venue in New Jersey

Don't forget - New Jersey is a Garden State! So, for the wedding in New Jersey this eco friendly, organic idea is both fun and functional. Guests who plant the seeds will have a garden full of beautiful flowers or delicious fresh vegetables. The best part is that they really will be grown with love!


wedding candles

A scented candle is the perfect way to bring a bit of yourselves into your guest’s homes. Taking the time to pick a scent both you and your spouse enjoy ensures that it will truly represent both of you. You can even decorate them to match your wedding decor or write a message on the jar! Each time they light the candle, your guests will be reminded of your wedding and the love you share.

Mini bottles of champagne

This fun gift is cute and creative! Mini bottles of champagne can be enjoyed at home but will bring back sweet memories, especially if it is the same one that was served at your wedding. Some of the guests of Oasis Event Center print out special labels with their photos or unique designs for the champaign bottles. It could also be a good fun evening for bridesmaids embellishing the bottles with colorful paint, notes, or whatever you like, and you’re sure to give a gift that will be enjoyed!

Homemade soap

Soap for a wedding favor in New Jersey

Soap made by you and your spouse is a personal gift that is guaranteed to please. Herbs like lavender and mint are favorites, as well as as cocoa butter, eucalyptus, and honey. Creating your own recipe adds a personal touch to this favor, one that will serve as a reminder of your special day each time your guests use it. Have fun making it and wrap it up with a message of gratitude for extra personality.

Colorful or themed fans

It can get quite hot in the summer in New Jersey, so consider giving colorful or themed fans as a favor. Not only are they beautiful, they're will be much appreciated by any overheated guests! These fans can be used time and time again, so giving one as a favor is both functional and memorable.


oasis event center

With their resurgence in recent years, polaroids are a unique and chic way for your guests to bring your wedding home with them. Have guests take whatever pictures they'd like and write little notes to go along with them. Sometimes at our wedding venue we setup a special photo zone for your guests. You could even have each one printed twice, a copy for you to save and a copy for them to take home, so everyone can share the memories!

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