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Business Meetings- 5 Necessities for your conference room to make your event go smoothly

With the right combination of amenities, you can turn what would be a boring, obligatory business meeting into a fun and productive workspace. Here are some necessities that will help to fully optimize your productivity as well as create the right atmosphere for conversation.


It is scientifically proven that hunger leads to a lack of focus. For full day meetings, it is important to provide meals as well as snacks to keep energy levels from dropping throughout the day. Taking breaks to eat will help boost morale as well, leading to a more energetic atmosphere and high productivity. At The Centennial, the All Day Meeting Package offers a number of options for breakfast, lunch, and breaks that are sure to please!

Flip Charts & Easels

Miscommunication is often the biggest roadblock in accomplishing a goal, yet it is also one that is easily eliminate. In a business meeting, flip charts and easels are an excellent method to organize thoughts, illustrate ideas, and streamline communication. These are a great way to create more room for idea generation as well as allow for ideas to be presented in clear and logical manner

conference room

Full Audio/Visual Capabilities

Not all ideas, however, can be written out by hand. Some proposals have visual components that need to be presented, which can only be done with the proper auditory and visual equipment. Including multimedia sources often leads to more interesting conversation and thus, greater productivity at your meeting.

All Day Drinks

The adverse effects are dehydration in the workplace are well documented-- inadequate access to drinks can lead to reduction in short term memory, lack of focus, distraction, and and overall decrease in efficiency. These effects, however, are easily combated by providing to drinks throughout the day. At The Centennial, you’ll enjoy water service at your table as well as access to juices, teas, ad sodas throughout the entirety of your meeting. The full-service coffee bar is a great pick-me-up as well!

Break-Out Space

Everyone needs a break sometimes, especially during long and laborious meetings. Incorporating a “Break-Out Space,” a place where those who need to step away for a minute can go to relax, ensures that no one will become too overworked at your meeting. A break-out space also serves as a place to collect your thoughts, potentially inspiring new ideas that would not have been considered otherwise. The Centennial’s break-out space for all day meetings is perfectly suited to meet your needs!

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