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5 Ideas to Make Your Wedding Venue Stand Out

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting things that couples do and want to be unique. And although looking for a wedding venue in New Jersey may be challenging, most people have an idea of how they want their big day to look like. Here are some of the most innovative details to make your wedding stand out in Oasis Event Center.

Make a grand entrance

grand entrance in Oasis Event Venue in Union County New Jersey

When looking for a contemporary wedding space in New Jersey, perhaps you should think about making your entrance. Oasis Event Center in Springfield, New Jersey made a beautiful stairway just for the Bride and Groom’s special moment.

Candle sticks

Another way of giving your wedding venue in Springfield, New Jersey a stunning authentic look is by using of vintage style brass candlesticks. They come in different shapes and sizes thereby giving you more freedom when you need to create a fantastic glow. You can make a smaller room look brighter by placing the candles in front of large mirrors.

The cake

Wedding Cake Presentation at Oasis Event Center in Springfield, NJ

One way to share your taste with the guests at your wedding is through the cake. To provide them with more options, you could have a stack of cakes of different flavors. Having cheesecake, profiteroles, and even doughnuts in your “sweets bar” could also help making your wedding stand out and your event venue setup memorable.

Wedding flowers

Gone are the days when traditional wedding flowers were the only option on this special day. Today, however, you can go for fabric, dried flowers, or even buttons made bouquet in your wedding venue in New Jersey. Given that these options are more durable than flowers, you could keep them as a reminder of this day.

Go for a non-white wedding dress

Wedding Venue in New Jersey

Don’t like traditional? For years, a white wedding dress has been an iconic dressing code for brides. Recently, however, the number of couples choosing a non-white wedding dress has been growing. In our contemporary event space in New Jersey any unusual wedding outfits going to look right! Luckily, there are so many colors to choose from when celebrating your wedding in the Oasis Event Center in New Jersey.

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